In 2008, I realised that very smart people can overlook patterns which are staring them in the face. In fact, they can sometimes overlook these patterns for centuries at a time, if the language used to describe a problem (or solution) does not fully capture it. If you could learn to spot these patterns, then you could learn to solve tricky problems a whole lot faster. This is what I’m doing and would value your help with. It’s a personal passion and I intend to see it through to completion.

The approach of this project is similar to the lean startup approach – developing part of an idea, sharing it to get feedback, then developing it again, and so on. This makes it easier to gather advice and to change people’s perceptions along the way. This constant dialogue also means that people are much more likely to benefit from the ideas and so put them into practice.

Your input would be great. I’d value comments about how the ideas on this blog fall short, or what would make them more useful to you. I’d also value thoughts on similar ideas or similar thinkers, and chances to test my ideas with an audience. Pick an idea, post a comment, and join in!